Who we are

In 2011 Michael started his independent activity as MT Consulting asking only one clear question to anyone within the airfreight industry that was looking for a helping hand, a fresh and clear insight or a critical point of view: "How can I help you?" With 20 years of experience, first as an employee and then as an independent consultant, he brings knowledge from the most diverse actors of the supply chain: regulated agent forwarders, 3PL facilities, known consignors, GDP/GMP entities from wholesaler warehouse through radioactive-isotopes... Michael can ask the right questions and more importantly, he'll know how to find the best solutions.

Enzo, joined in 2021, has a career path that brought him from the security guard industry to a security manager function at a handling agent. His greatest passion lies with everything related to air cargo security and educating as many people as possible in this field, but his pragmatic approach as a consultant ensures that he is also an absolute added value to our satisfied customers in other quality focused areas.

Since the start more than 10 years ago, MT has undergone a nice evolution in many areas. However, the 'why' in our story has always remained the same: "How can we help you?".

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How we help

We know all there is to know about security, quality standards, temperature control or (inter)national legislation…but that doesn't mean anything without your business experiences. In order to support your activities to the fullest we want to get to know you, your teams, your operations and your challenges. You could say that at MT Consulting we are old-fashioned...we start to help out simply by listening to your exact needs and requirements. No fooling around, just straight towards your goals and resolving whatever it is that you and your business needs.

It's not about us, it's all about you!

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